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Charlene is an inspiration to others! Such dedication and passion. A beautiful kind spirit, I would highly recommend becoming educated by this amazing women!

Sara Vanisevic – Buisiness Owner – London

Charlene’s passion and commitment to ASL education, accessibility, and inclusivity are inspiring!

Deb Whitfield - Business Owner - London

*** I recommend Charlene’s program a million times over and also urge any and all parents to give their child(ren) this head start in life with her baby sign language company “My Smart Hands London”. You will not regret it ***

Amerber Chrisjohn-Blackwood -London

When you meet this lady, you will be blown away with her passion, dedication and knowledge of her craft. She really want s to help everyone to be able to communicate efficiently.

If you want to learn or expand your knowledge this lady is the one you want.

Dominique Campbell - Business Owner - London

I have had only very positive experiences in learning with Charlene. From start to finish the lessons are insightful and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this ASL program to anyone who is interested in learning American Sign Language.

Cynthia Jones - London

Charlene is amazing to collaborate with and very accommodating when it comes to planning instruction/workshops on a schedule that fits your needs. I have also had the pleasure of taking American Sign Language classes with ASL Breaking Barriers before and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the instructor made it to learn with others that I’d not met before.  The instructors technique was appealing and made it easier to learn.  I look forward to taking additional classes in the future.

Jillian.D. - London, Ontario

Abigail was a great instructor and the taught course material very well in addition to information that was outside of the course but was of interest to the students…..Overall, I loved it, and I would and have recommended it to others. Hope to see ASL 2 offered soon

Dana Moore - London

As a trained American Sign Language Instructor, Founder of ASLBB and experienced professional speaker who motivates her audiences, Charlene is truly laugh provoking and inspirational, leaving her engaged listeners wanting more.

Without hesitation I highly recommend Charlene as a Guest Speaker on the importance of learning ASL in business or your personal life.  

~Kara Wilson – Educational Assistant ~

“My son Patrick is a very bright 11-year-old that faces the daily challenge of ADHD & Asperger’s Syndrome; thereby he has a great deal of anxiety.

One recommendation was to try to get him focused on something that would keep his mind challenged, re-focus his brain & improve his eye contact.  With this in mind Patrick started lessons with Certified Sign Language Instructor, Charlene Slaats-Gray and within 3 weeks Patrick was calmer & more focused.  Another important benefit is that it has helped him to feel more confident about trying to socialize with his peers; children his own age.

After 4 years of trying to find help for Patrick we now have found the perfect tool for him to use that will be benefit him throughout his life in many different ways.”  

Jacqui Lantz - London

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