Senior Care

Using Sign Language with seniors has been proven to:

1. Reduce frustration and self-injuring.
2. Decreases depression
3. Signing can help with range of motion for arms and hands.
4. Keeps the mind active/stimulates the brain
5. Increase memory retention
6. Increase overall well-being
7. Dignity

Signing with seniors does not only have to be for those in need but it is also a great tool for socializing and boosting self-esteem overall.
In addition, this is an incredible communication tool and language to use for the seniors’ health care providers and families.  When signing with seniors it often isn’t about learning American Sign Language (ASL) in its entirety but about learning enough ASL signs (IE: hungry, bathroom, tired etc) to allow them to tell you what they want, when they want it and take the guess work out of things, thereby allowing one to maintain their dignity, self-respect and self-confidence, and in turn allowing you to communicate with them more freely while reducing frustration.  

 Please contact us for more information on how to bring ASL signs into your organization or home.

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