To enlighten individuals, families, educators and business’s on the importance of learning American Sign Language (ASL) to become more inclusive and accessible.

Who Are We

Founded in 2018 as an extension to My Smart Hands London which came to be in 2004, ASL Breaking Barriers is an advanced, current and thriving American Sign Language corporation based in London, Ontario. Our clients consist of individuals, to seniors to business’s (both small and large).

Being accessible today is a vital part of any business with inclusivity awareness being more predominant than ever before. We are committed to assisting you in being known as a leader who supports accessibility and inclusivity. With years of experience in signing, involvement in the Deaf community compiled with having Deaf instructors it’s fair to say we are knowledgeable about sign language services!

Our Mission

Our mission is to enlighten individuals, families, educators and business’s on the importance of learning American Sign Language (ASL) . Using ASL as a means of communication can bridge communication gaps thereby assisting in inclusivity, offering accessibility and a better understanding of the Deaf community.

What We Do

ASL is not only beneficial for communicating with the Deaf community but for most anyone who does not have a voice. We are passionate about offering a means of communication (through full ASL or ASL words) to those with, APHASIA, AUTISM CEREBRAL PALSY, and/or DOWN SYNDROME.

We also provide services to individuals, seniors, educators, medics, schools and more.

If you know someone ,or are an individual, that would like to learn to communicate through signs but feel that full ASL isn’t a viable option for you
 (IE seniors homes), we have excellent options for you!  Please contact us about learning the basics to bridge your communication gap.

Our history

ASL Breaking Barriers was born out of a love for teaching American Sign Language (ASL) signs as means of communication with preverbal babies since My Smart Hands London was developed in 2008.
This grew into working with those with Special Needs, Seniors, doing Education Assistant Workshops for the Thames Valley School Board as well as Medic Workshops.  In these formats we used solely ASL signs as opposed to full ASL. 
Now offering ASL instruction to adults, children, families, your workplace and more, is the next natural step to being accessible to those wishing to communicate through sign.

Why choose us?

ASL Breaking Barriers is  committed to helping its clients reach their communication goals, to personalize your groups sessions, to make a difference in your life while providing an innovative and inviting environment.

At  ASL Breaking Barriers our aim for excellence has raised the standard in the field of ASL Instruction and Services.  We are dedicated to provide you with unsurpassed quality and professional service and our team of highly qualified professionals possess the qualifications to do just that!

We are here ensure you receive the best ASL experience and one that suite your specific needs and/demographic in business.  And in doing so we encourage you to set up a complimentary consultation so that we may assist in designing your needs.

We are here to support you from the start of your ASL journey to the end and beyond by answering any questions you may have as well as follow ups and being available to assist you along the way.

We are very proud of our strong knowledge and experiences that allow us to be experts in the field of American Sign Language.  Also we employ Deaf instructors thereby supplying you with an instructor that not only has experience in teaching ASL but has lived life in the Deaf community and culture.

An important part of learning is for the instructor (and all staff) to be personable, professional, approachable and more.  Yet we also are sure to maintain a sense of humour and offer an interactive experience.  This helps to lighten the clients possible nervousness and in doing so it help cultivate trust and relationships withing the room.

Start your communication journey today!

We are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of using ASL, our services, fees, guest lecturing, workplace workshops, classes and more.  

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