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Charlene Slaats-Gray

I strive to innovate and bring recognition of the importance of American Sign Language in our Community, our Homes and Businesses

Our ABC’s of ASL:
            Breaking Barriers
              Communication Connections

Award Nominee Mompreneur® Award of Excellence
Award Nominee Community Votes London

Hi, My Name Is Charlene Slaats-Gray

I Specialize in the Management of American Sign Language Services and Making Communication Connections.

ASL Breaking Barriers (ASLBB) was founded in 2018 as an extension to My Smart Hands London which came to be in 2004.  ASL Breaking Barriers is an advanced, current and thriving American Sign Language Corporation based in London, Ontario. Our clients consist of individuals (children to seniors) business’s, schools and more.  Being accessible is a vital part of any business with inclusivity awareness being more predominant than ever before. We are committed to assisting you in being known as a leader who supports accessibility and inclusivity.

With years of experience in signing, involvement in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities, compiled with the expertise of our Deaf instructors, it’s fair to say we are well versed on offering sign language services!

Also, an expert in Guest Lecturing on the benefits of using sign language as a means of communication to those with, APHASIA, AUTISM, CEREBRAL PALSY, DOWN SYNDROME, TRAUMA, and other speech and/or brain disorders. I’ve experienced that through the amazing benefits of ASL you can help give most anyone a “voice”.

“As a trained American Sign Language Instructor, Founder of ASLBB and experienced professional speaker who motivates her audiences, Charlene is truly laugh provoking and inspirational, leaving her engaged listeners wanting more.

Without hesitation I highly recommend Charlene as a Guest Speaker on the importance of learning ASL in business or your personal life.”

~Kara Wilson – Educational Assistant ~


Our Team

Charlene Slaats-Gray

Certified ASL Instructor
Founder and CEO – ASL Breaking Barriers
Owner and CEO –My Smart Hands London

Wissam Constatine

Certified ASL Instructor
President at Canadian Association of Deaf.

Abigail Danquah

American Sign Language Instructor

Paige Earhart

Certified ASL Signs Instructor

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