What is American Sign Language? (ASL)

  American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, complex language that employs signs made by moving the hands combined with facial expressions and postures of the body. It is the primary language of many North Americans who are deaf and is one of several communication options used by people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

About ASLBB American Sign Language classes

In our ASL classes we use the Signing Naturally curriculum that was originally developed at a California College.  With this curriculum you not only learn ASL but also valuable information to educate you on the Deaf culture and this will allow you to have a better comprehension of the Deaf culture and community.

Our qualified Deaf instructors have a “no-voice” teaching method.  This format of teaching affords you to the opportunity to increase your awareness when signing.  Incorporating this method of teaching with videotext, your workbook, games and more, plays an important role in aiding your ability to retain the information learned in an enjoyable interactive manner.  Additionally we offer various levels of ASL classes to suit your needs as well as for you to continue your knowledge of ASL and learn from the beginning level through to a level of conversational skills one would use in daily conversations.

Available are a number of classes and services

If you do not see information pertaining to your specific need please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our ASL Introductory class (101) begins with learning the basics of ASL, the importance of ASL fingerspelling and facial expressions, vocabulary and grammar.  You will move into elements of everyday communication so that you are able to sign, understand and relay information .  Some of this would include descriptions of people, places and things.  Also a key element is the knowledge you will gain of a better understanding of the Deaf community and culture.

Our ASL 102 and 103 classes will take you into building your communication, conversational skills and social conversations.  In addition students will incorporate item descriptions, numbers, requests, events and more.  

ASL Introductory – “Immersion -Crash Course” 101 is the same basic format as our above ASL Introductory class (101). However this class is designed for those unable to attend evening classes or just prefer to do ASL 101 immersion style.  This course takes place over 3 days.  Please visit our 
class schedule page for more information.

Other services include, one on one lessons, family lessons, workplace workshops, educator workshops, senior care, and those with barriers.  For those that are looking for learning ASL words verses full ASL or are looking for baby sign language please visit us at My Smart Hands London. 

ASL BB class course fees

Class and material fees are as follows:

All levels of ASL classes consist of a registration fee of $190.00 per registrant

ASL 101  Signing Naturally Level 1 Workbook with dvd is $130.00.  (This dvd and student workbook are also used in 102)
ASL 103  Signing Naturally Level 1 Workbook with dvd is $130.00   (This dvd and student workbook are also used in 104)
ASL 301  Signing Naturally Level 1 Workbook with dvd is $130.00   (This dvd and student workbook are also used in 301-304)


101 Total Fee = $320.00                                        301 Total Fee = $320.00
102 Total Fee = $190.00                                        302-304 Total Fee = $190.00 each level
103 Total Fee = $320.00
104 Total Fee = $190.00


Age requirements of students

Our classes are designed for those 16 yrs of age and older.  Children 14 & 15 years of age may enroll with an adult that is also registered.

Registration process

If you have any questions pertaining our classes, the registration process, or other available services please email

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